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Map of British Columbia, with Dease lake marked. Click the map to see larger image.

Nestled near a long blue lake, and back-dropped by snowcapped mountains and surging rivers, Dease Lake is the gateway to the adventure and natural beauty of Northern British Columbia. Dease Lake is a growing community of approximately 650 people, a growing tourist destination, and the main supply centre and government service point for the Stikine region. Located on Highway 37, 50 km north of the Stikine River, and 236 km south of the Alaska Highway, Dease Lake is also the turn off point for those wishing to visit the historic village of Telegraph Creek.

Accessible all year around, via both a well maintained all season road, and air service from Smithers and Terrace(charter only), Dease Lake is attracting more and more visitors every year. Visitors can pan for gold, go rock hounding for Jade, visit historic Laketon across Dease Lake, paddle countless lakes and rivers in the area, raft down the Stikine River, explore the numerous hiking trails that are virtually untrampeled, go wilderness viewing, hunting or fishing in the pristine wilderness of the Stikine Region. Dease Lake is a perfect staging ground for those interested in exploring the wilderness parks either by plane, helicopter, or packhorse. Whatever your pleasure, Dease lake is full of opportunities for you to participate in, and enjoy.

Named for a Hudson Bay Company factor, Peter Warren Dease, and known as Talh'ah or Head of the Lake by the Tahltan people, Dease Lake started modern life as a Hudson Bay Company outpost established in the late 1800's. During the two goldrushs of 1864 and 1873 Dease Lake was a major stop along the gold rush trail. In the 1940's Dease Lake became the chief supply route for the building of the Alaska Highway. Today Dease Lake is known as the Jade Capital of the World, and considered a major and growing service center for Northwest British Columbia.

Dease Lake offers a wide range of services, including a full feature RV park, hotels, camp sites, gas stations, souvenir shops, and a grocery store. Dease Lake also offers free Internet access at the Community Access Centre, located inside the Northern Lights College Learning Centre computer lab. For more information about using this service, and directions for finding the Learning Centre please go to the DLIS web site.

Traveling to Dease Lake

     Interested in traveling to Dease Lake? Dease Lake is assessable by Highway 37 North, a well maintained all season road which is one of only two land routs to Alaska. Dease Lake is also accessible by air from either Smithers or Terrace.If your interested in traveling to Dease Lake, please view our Distances Table for distance information to various communities in northern British Columbia and traveling tips.

Minstry of Transportation and Highways road conditions and description of Hwy 37

Population and Climate

        Dease Lake has a population of approximately 650 people. Although due to a high number of people employed in seasonal work, this number can fluctuate during the winter and summer months. Dease Lake experiences winter climates from mid October to April. Winter temperatures generally average -25 C (-12F) with a three to five week period of approximately -45C (-46F) Most snowfall occurs during the months of November, December, January and February. Throughout an average winter, approximately 220 cm of snow will fall with approximately 100 cm on the ground during mid winter. Summer temperatures are moderate with average temperatures ranging from 13C to 22C during the months May to September, Average rainfall during this period ranges from 25 mm to 60 mm per month. Want to find out what the current weather is like? Click here.

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Girl Guides

Amy Cunningham


IR#9 Band Office

Cindy Dennis


Preganacy Outreach Program

Teneal Nole


BC Ambulance

Bonnie Sedore


Community Club

Carol Danielson


Tahltan Health & Social Services Authority

Carmen Dennis


Emergency Social Services


Provincial Emergency Program (PEP)


Dease Lake Internet Society

Rob Sivertson


Stikine Interagency

Northern Lights College



Olivia Lee


Lion's Club

Sueann Ciampichini


B.C. Housing

Ann Ball


Recreation Centre Society

Darcy Frocklage


Web Site

Northern Lights Quilters

Cathy Bouman




Volunteer Fire Department

Fire Chief


Living Waters Christian Community Church

Cathy Bouman


Web Site

Catholic Mission

Sister Elizabeth


Building Blocks

Raina & Roxanne



Justice Worker



Suicide Team